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EDIT: Ok, so maybe it's bout time I update this description eh? I like a lot of things. Mostly what you will find here is Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch and related, Avengers/Thor stuffs, Alan Rickman/Hans Gruber (my specialty), Fictional Villains galore, and of course whatever I feel like or feel up to at any given time. Other key interests are: Horror, Science Fiction, B-Movies, Fantasy Art, and Batman. Hit me up if you have a question or want to talk. Look at my gifs and art pages if you're interested.

Society 6:
So Many Fine Men...


oh looks its i hate myself o’clock

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Comfort food.

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90’s nostalgia 


An ancient Roman gold nipple cover, 1st century AD.



Mads Mikkelsen at Edmonton Expo September 26, 2014 [x]

[x]  Mads ran over to the screen cause he had to see the photo and started laughing!”

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Really blessed to be your fan, Mads.

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Mads Mikkelsen at the Edmonton Expo - Sept 27, 2014.

Thinkin about renaming my fic something along the limes of like “Hannibal: subtitle” or something lol somebody talk me out of it.